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Save time on answering questions with digital guidebooks

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With Guestcove, you can offer a guidebook to your guests. You can include your wi-fi password, rules and other necessary information there. So in case you want to make changes, you can do that instantly, without printing a new guidebook or leaving your house!

Card games

Card games

The Guestcove app has 6 card games such as "Would You Rather",
"This or That", and "Charades" to make a visit more fun and interactive. Guests can play with their friends and family and create memories during their stay.


Easy to use

Guestcove has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to manage the app and for guests to use it.

Custom branding

With Guestcove's custom branding and white-labeling options, you can ensure that it fits seamlessly with your branding.

Mobile friendly

Our app is designed to be mobile friendly, which means that your guests can easily access and use it on their own devices.



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Guestcove is suitable for any type of short term rental or hotel. Our app is designed to help properties of all sizes improve their guest experience and decrease the amount of questions.

In your Guestcove account you will set up the Customer Access Password. Then, you can share it along with the URL with your guests through various channels such as email, text message, or upon check-in. Users have to go to the website, enter your Customer Access Password and then they can start playing. Please note that guests will need to have access to the internet or WiFi to use the app.

To cancel your subscription, contact us at at least 48 hours before your billing date.

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